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Peak Advisory Group's clear processes and comprehensive planning help you identify where you want to be and how to get there.

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Education and Family Focused

Education and Family Focused

Located in Dayton, OH, Peak Advisory Group provides you with a process to get you to your goal, and the education to help inform you along the way. Because we understand the challenges families face today, we offer an open mind, a friendly ear, and a suite of products to guide you in the right direction, no matter your phase of life. 

Unique and Tailored Strategies

Unique and Tailored Strategies

Our three-step approach consists of getting to know you, understanding where you are now and where you want to be, and developing a plan to take you on the journey. Once the plan is implemented, we continue monitoring and tailoring the process, making changes based on shifts in your economic or living situation. 

Comprehensive Products and Services

In addition to expertise and approachability, Peak Advisory Group offers the following products and services, backed by our partner, Cetera Financial Group.

Wealth Management

Investment and tax strategy advice designed to grow or preserve your wealth. 

Financial Planning

Financial insights to pursue short- and long-term goals.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring enough income to cover your expenses in retirement.

Estate Planning

Protecting your wealth to pass on to future generations.


Maintaining your earning capacity in a worst-case scenario.

Philanthropic Planning

Care for your causes in a deliberate, strategic way.

Making Sense of Charitable Giving

Making Sense of Charitable Giving

When you begin to prioritize charitable giving, we can help you incorporate your charitable goals into your financial plan, find an organization to give to, select the assets you want to give, determine how to make the gift, and how charitable giving can influence your taxes.

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